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WNOriginal is founded by Willem Holle

Willem Holle - photographer

Willem Holle, 1964: "I get most of my knowledge because of a realistic look. Workshops and courses complete this. With a practical view on nature, people, animals and objects I find just the other focus that provides the best perspective. Experience and training together guarantee great pictures. A fresh look at the situation is one of my strengths and creates original photos. My motto: The best pictures are the ones you get when you turn around."

Willem loves to travel and travels frequently. The experiences and knowledge he gains in other countries and their cultures are a huge source of inspiration. He is touched by what moves and motivates the world. WNOriginal / Willem Holle Photography is created out of the passion to travel and the wish to capture special, funny, beautiful, moving and inspiring moments with the camera.

Many photos of WNOriginal / Willem Holle Photography have been printed on canvas and aluminium.